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January 2021
February 2021

Check out this months parent tip from Author and speaker Jonathan McKee about the importance of starting the conversation around and about technology with your teens.



This  digital engagement workbook help you to work through and come up with a strategic game plan or code of conduct for technological engagement with your teens.

March 2021

Check out this months recourse to help you and you family dig deeper into the bible together.


April 2021

What if I told you that along with questions about life, your kids are asking questions about themselves? Questions are in the heart of every child—questions kids ask that will shape their sense of who they are for the rest of their lives. No pressure, parents, but your responses will radically affect your kid’s identity. Here are the 5 most important questions kids are asking about themselves:

May 2021

When we hear the word “initiation” you might think of college hazing, the military or difficult physical challenges, but most simply, the act of initiation is to invite someone into a new way of living that will affect their future. As Parents can actively create moments of initiation that will lead your children toward healthy growth and development.

Check out this months parent recourse 5 Initiations that your kids need to hear from you.


June 2021

This months parent recourse is from Empowered Homes on creating family contracts. Does creating a contract between you and your teenager sound strange to you? This months parent recourse will take you through what a family contract is and its benefits, as well as offering contracts for you to use or editable templates to make your own! This is a great recourse as you aim to establish healthy boundaries with your teenagers surrounding things like phones and social media, dating and even driving. Check out the link below to get these free templates.

July 2021

Family traditions can be a powerful way to create purposeful time with our families. However, some of us didn’t grow up with traditions or we may have different traditions than our spouse had. Check out this video  from Empowered Homes for 3 questions to help you create meaningful and purposeful family traditions.

August 2021


Raising kids who play video games can be difficult to navigate at times. Regardless of how you feel about video games, if you have gamer kids, here are three important things you can do with them.

September 2021

we are useless to help those around us if we don’t first take care of ourselves first. This is true for us all  as parents. Our kids feed off our attitudes, energy, and emotions. If we are not taking care of ourselves first, we will likely struggle to fully give our kids our best as a parent. Each of us is wired uniquely requiring different ways we take care of ourselves. However, there are four ingredients all of us should use for parenting self-care.