Life Groups


At Trentside, we have a great place for you to grow in your understanding and knowledge of God. A place to learn how to apply scripture to your life with a small group of people. Life Groups are a great way to get to know others in the church and to build relationships with other believers. We believe that lives are transformed in smaller groups!

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Group Questions - Week 6

Book Basics: Philemon

1. Read the book/letter of Philemon. What was Paul’s motivation in sending his letter to Philemon? What stands out to you in this letter?

2. Read verses 4-7. What do these verses tell us about Philemon as a person? Why do you think Paul appeals to Philemon’s generous nature before he makes his request?

3. Read verses 8-16. What specific request was Paul making of Philemon? What are your thoughts on the way/language Paul uses to argue for his request of Philemon?

4. If you were to place yourself in Philemon’s shoes how would you feel about Paul’s request? What reservations do you think Philemon would have in welcoming back Onesimus?

5. How do you think Onesimus felt about returning to his former master? What reservations do you think he would have? Who do you think had the tougher role: Philemon having to welcome and forgive his runaway slave? Or Onesimus having to return back to the master he stole from and abandoned?

6. If you were to guess what took place between Philemon and Onesimus—how do you think the encounter went? Do you believe the two were properly reconciled?

7. Why do you think this amazing personal letter was included into God’s Word? How can its message encourage us today?

8. How important do you think this letter is for us in demonstrating, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free, neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ” (Gal. 3:28)? In Paul’s day the institution of slavery was universal; today most people and nations are strongly opposed to slavery—How do you think this letter might have had an impact in changing the way the world now understands slavery?

9. Paul’s letter is ultimately about forgiveness and reconciliation. Is there anyone, although you know it might be difficult, that you believe you, either have to forgive, or be reconciled with?

- To prepare for next week Read through the book of 2 & 3 John -